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A Trusted Toronto  – GTA Gift Baskets. Birthday’s GTA Gift Baskets come with chocolate, biscotti, cookies, candies, nuts, as well as fruit baskets, tea baskets, and spa gift items, our gift baskets are wrapped with cellophane, a beautiful bow added on the top, and your happy birthday message typed on the happy birthday card.

If it is late, and you want to send a birthday gourmet basket in last minute, GTA Gift Baskets guarantees same day if you order by noon, and we can deliver it for the same day. but if it is in rush we can ship it for you with just a small additional charge, and you loved one will be happy with your order. If you like have a custom Birthday gourmet gift basket, just goes on our website and chat with the customer service concerning about your specific birthday gift basket

Caramel Gift Basket
"Here For You" Gift Basket
Basket Vistas

Basket Vistas


Birthday Gift Basket of Plenty
Birthday Gourmet Gift
Birthday Turquoise Gifts
Cashews and Mix Nuts
Caviar and Things
Cedar Raptures
Chocolate Cake and Flowers
Chocolate Lover's Gift
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Country Memories Gifts
Crate Delight

Crate Delight


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For the perfect gourmet baskets, look no further than GTA Gift Baskets

Happy Birthday to my sister! 

This is the message that GTA Gift Baskets want to send to your sister, or to loved one as your friend or coworker, especially when they are out of city or live in another city. Birthday gourmet baskets say Happy Birthday to your sister or coworker better than almost anything else.

in Toronto Ontario Canada. Our fresh fruit baskets, gourmet gift baskets and provide outstanding customer service. At GTA Gift Baskets, we offer fruit baskets delivery to Toronto and surrounding areas.

What’s the perfect birthday gift for your loved one? gourmet gift baskets, from GTA Gift Baskets, a reliable local gourmet basket in Toronto, Ontario. We have all kinds of fresh and delicious fruit baskets, from Mother’s Day gift baskets and birthday fruit baskets to Valentine’s Day chocolate or Anniversary gourmet basket ideas – so you’re sure to find the right gifts for that special loved one. We also offer funeral & sympathy gourmet baskets as well as get well gourmet items to help you show them how much you care. No matter your budget or your taste, your trust GTA Gift Baskets for fresh and quality gourmet gifts and fruit baskets. GTA Gift Baskets has a wide variety of  gourmet gift items available on our website. you can trust our local Toronto shop to arrange a fresh fruit bouquets that is guaranteed to please. When you want the freshest fruits delivered to that special someone, trust us for delivery in Toronto or surrounding areas as Markham, North York, Thorn Hill, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering Brampton, Mississauga, and, Etobicoke or for all of this Canadian postal codes:

M4H 1E7,  M4H 1E8, M4B 3M3, M4G 1X2, M8W 1C1,  M9C 1B7, M9B 1L1, M8Z 1H4, M9C 1B7, M8W 1C1, M9C 5H1, M9R 4C6, M8V 2H9, M9C 2L8, M9A 0B5, M3H 5J1, M2K 1G9, M3J 1M7,  M2L 1B5, M6L 1W9, M6L 3C1, M3C 1W9,  M3C 1W9, M3C 1P6, M3H 2T5, M2N 6P8, M3H 2S6, M3A 3R1, M3H 5G9, M6A 2Z1, M6A 2E8, M2H 3P1, M1N 3C1, M1P 2W1, M4L 1V5, M1E 3J5,  M1H 3A1, M1N 4B2, M1E 1L1, M1L 1Z7, M1W 2J6, M1M 2W4, M1M 2Z8, M1T 3K9, M1T 3K9, M1R 5B1, M1W 2J6, M1J 2E5, M4V 1J5, M4L 1C3, M4L 1V5, M5R 1R1, M4V 2G6, M6G 2V5, M5R 2T1, M6G 3Z4, M6R 3A7, M5R 2M2, M4W 3M2, M5N, 3A5, M5P 1C8, M6S 1M7, M5R 3J8, M4V 1Z6, M4L 1V3, M6H 4E6, M4S 1E8, M4G 1X2, M4N 2C3, M5G 3B1, M6C 2C8, M4V 1Z6, M6K 2J6, M4S 2N4, M4S 3H5, M4S 2H3, M4V 1S3, M6M 2J7, M6C 2C8, M9N 1K6, M6E 4Z5, M9N 1L3