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Secretary's Day Gifts

Not many people realize it, but April 23rd is Administrative Professional's Day, also known as Secretary's day! Why not browse through our selection and find a way to repay your secretary or administrative assistant for everything they've done over the years. The late nights, the paperwork, the coffee, and most importantly, the stress! A little bit of thoughtfulness can go a long way!

Basket Vistas

Basket Vistas


Cedar Raptures
Chocolate Fantasy Basket
Dawn's Gifts Item

Dawn's Gifts Item

$189.99 $194.99

Everything Sweet
Fantasia Gift Basket
Flowers and Gourmet Basket
Fruit Temptations

Fruit Temptations

$82.99 $86.99

Galaxy Gift Basket
Gift of Godiva
Gifts Gracious

Gifts Gracious


Gourmet Snack Gifts
Grande Gourmet Fruity Basket
Gratitude gourmet Basket
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What Gift Basket To Send On Secretary's Day

Secretary's Day is intended to honor their significant contributions by their managers, supervisors, and co-workers. And what better way to express your appreciation for their professional performance and personal friendship than with generous gifts?

Start your secretary's day on a sweet note with Candy Thunder, a large glass container with an assortment of delectable chocolates and candies - truly, heaven for the sweet tooth! This can be shared in the office and at home, too, so spreading the joy around becomes so easy.

Chocoholics, rejoice! The Chocolate Fantasy Basket is packed with several bars of premium chocolates from dark to white that adds sweet flavors to the day. You can add a personalized message as well as a teddy bear or balloons to the basket because your secretary deserves to be pampered.

Secretaries with gourmet tastes will appreciate Basket Vistas, a popular choice as gifts for any occasion because of the numerous gourmet food items. Let your secretary feast on a delightful mix of pasta, salsa and smoked salmon for the main course as well as cookies, chocolates and wafers for desserts and snacks.

Today, show your appreciation for your secretary by giving him or her one of these gifts - and you will be rewarded with better performance, too.